by Allen Smutylo

    For the past 25 years, Canadian artist Allen Smutylo has traveled, written and created artwork in and about some of the most remote and desolate places on Earth. In the High Arctic, Patagonia, the Amazon, Antarctica, the Himalaya, the Ganges and Rajasthan Smutylo has sought his muse. In the 10 autobiographical short stories accompanied by stunning artwork, Allen Smutylo's The Memory of Water chronicles his own insightful, personal and captivating relationship with water. In the Arctic he is attacked by a polar bear, stalked by a rogue walrus, and nearly drowns in ferocious waters. But his Arctic stories also celebrate human creativity as they recount the life of the pre-Inuit people, who, hunting in a changing environment, endured many hardships and developed new technologies, such as the sea kayak, to cope. Other stories include an account of his years living in a small Georgian Bay fishing village as a young artist, an adventure on an urban river in southwestern Ontario, and a portrayal of the complex underwater world of the South Pacific. Travelling the River Ganges in India, the author finds that a massive misuse of water is complicated by a billion people's faith-based adoration of the same water. At its core, The Memory of Water probes a crucial and contemporary issue--that of our relationship to water and the wildlife and human life that depends upon it. This book will appeal to anyone interested in the natural world, in artistic depictions of it, or in a good story well told.

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The Memory of Water

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Book Reviews / Awards

TOM SMART author, curator, columnist and special advisor to art galleries and publishers across Canada. Author of Jack Chambers' Red and Green (forthcoming 2013)

"This poetic and gently sublime book takes us on a journey of discovery of 'our home wrapped in water.' Smutylo's is an odyssey of wonder and exploration encompassing the High Arctic and Greenland, Maui and Varanasi, and a picturesque river valley in southwestern Ontario. By combining a deep respect for what he sees and senses, and an appreciation for what he shares in common with the worlds he explores, Smutylo casts us on our own water-borne voyages through memories and experiences, places and cultures that ebb and flow in our consciousness, defining our sense of place and self as passengers on this drop of water called 'Earth' in the vast sea of constellations."

Governor General's Literary Award:
Nominated for Best Non Fiction Book - 2013

Canada Council 

Banff Mountain Festival:

Nominated for Best Travel / Adventure Book - 2013